Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bulgarian Swimming Lesson

...ask not for whom the whistle blows... it blows for you.
I decided to check out the indoor pool today with one of my colleagues. I was having a grand old time in one of the lanes - splashing around, when I saw the guard on duty come up and stand on the platform behind me. He was a spry, old man. "Hey!" he whispered, "hey!" I turned around, and he said, "Not like that. Like this!" and he proceded to show me how to do a proper freestyle stroke. I decided that I would do it like he showed me just to humor him. A few minutes later, he whistled at me and came over. "That's good," he said, "now try it like this. You gotta get your head further in the water" and he showed me again. So again, I did my best to try and impress him. Later, he whistled again and hopped over to me. "That's good. Now, how about this?" He tried to show me some moves, and then he asked me, "Do you swim?" I nodded my head in negation, and he decided he'd had enough of me. He then wandered off to coach some kids. And that was the end of my swimming lesson. Later, he came out in a shirt that said "USA Adidas," and I smiled to myself.

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Anonymous said...

I can almost hear it "Не така, момиче. Ето така!" That's probably one of the things I miss the least ... and the most. I hate when everyone is entitled to teach you how to rear your kids, or drive, or play guitar, or spend money, or swim. Then I miss being a part of a one big family where everyone is your older brother. I bet you can feel that too.

Cheers, 10 000 miles from Vratza!