Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Have you ever "googled" your own name to see what turns up? My name has become more common on the internet since I started the blog. Of course my blog comes up. My Facebook profile generates a hit. A PDF on an Honor's thesis I did in college generates a hit. I knew this stuff was out there. There were other things that surprised me, however: a link to my Athens marathon time (which give an inaccurate age), a few Peace Corps publications, a hunger solutions site, some friends' sites, census data (where, for a few bucks, you can pick up some misinformation on me), and a Seventh-Day Adventist blog site that decided to link one of my posts.
(Un)fortunately, my name and its unique spelling are apparently pretty rare on the internet, so there are only a few sites that truly aren't actually linked to me in some way. This makes it easy to find. At first, I was a bit miffed at finding the sites that had linked to my blog without informing me first. Then I changed my attitude. I know I've linked to sites without consulting their author's first, and I wonder what they would think about that. The internet is a free and superfluous exchange of information. No one can really keep tabs on it or hold it in check. Once you put it out there, it doesn't truly belong to you anymore. Honestly, I'm surprised this blog hasn't gotten me into more trouble. But really... a hunger site with text stolen from the USAID site? An SDA blog site? It boggles my mind that people care. But then again... some of these sites were way down on the list, so maybe they don't.
Readjustment is still a process. I had a friend tell me, "I'm not going to say 'welcome home.' I'm going to say 'welcome back.'" I thought that was smart - 'cause another friend referred to it as a "viaje." Let me tell you that I would not enjoy three years of perpetual traveling and playing the role of the tourist, which is what the word "trip" signifies in my mind.

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