Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Plot Thickens....

It seems like every time I get things together and wrap up something, there's always one more thing left to do. One more stamp to get. One more signature to obtain. I HATE IT! I'm so over this painting. Dad, I love you, but no one should have to go through this much red tape to send some brush strokes to the other side of the world. It turns out that now I have to go to Pazardjik to get a migration declaration with a stamp on it. I just asked the lady, who works with the courier firm, if I need to have the painting with me, and she doesn't know, but she believes that I can show up without the painting. I'm not doing so well with "belief" right now. I want an answer. Doesn't really matter 'cause the painting is apparently just sitting somewhere in Sofia. I'm so irritated. Why can no one tell me the correct process from beginning to end? Why do I have to go to five different sources to get the correct answer, and even then I still need a stamp, a signature, maybe I'll have to dance some horo. Argh!
I'm sitting here at home updating the blog when I should really be on a bus to Velingrad to meet my colleagues for a party we're having tonight. I had a lot to do today. Yanko sounded irritated when I told him that I'd be lagging another hour to get on the bus, but that's what happens. I have things that have to get done. Parties can wait.
The Halloween party last night was a smashing success. I'm attaching a picture of my cowgirl outfit.
There was a rock band, a DJ, and food enough to feed a small nation. Some of the costumes were pretty awesome. It was basically put together by a small band of students at the school - led by a couple of girls. I'm intensely proud of them. Plus, I had a blast. I hope they will continue to be responsible for student life activities such as these. They could make that school a really fun place to be.
I had my last English class the other day. We had a good time, and people are starting to give me gifts. Meh. I don't really want to transport the breakable things that they give me, but I'm overwhelmed by the gesture. Most people don't want to say "good-bye" at this point 'cause they think they'll still run into me over the next week. I can't promise my time to anyone these days.
I'm starting to feel pretty stretched. People need me to be in five places at once, and I'm having to decide which things I can just ditch out on all-together and which things I'll just have to show up to a few hours late. I'm feeling the time weigh down on me. I could talk more about this, but I really need to get ready to go.


Anonymous said...

Dear Apryl, by this time you should have learned already that there is no actual "tape" involved ideed - it's just GROSSLY incompetent bureacracy which does not know what the procedure exacly is, so it keeps replicating itself. Just pull the finger, don't waste your time, and if there's an issue with that picture at the customs (there might not be)you should come up with some great story of yours - and you'll be through.

Lyrpa said...

I'm not going through customs with the painting, so it's going to have to take care of itself. This means that proper documentation must be in place. The bureaucracy is "clear" - as long as you know what you're doing. Thanks for your confidence in me, though.