Monday, July 07, 2008

Fields of Sunflowers

How often do I mention how beautiful the nature is here in Bulgaria? Not often enough. On my trips across the country this summer, I've had the opportunity to see fields and fields of big, beautiful sunflowers. It makes me want to jump off the bus and get lost in them. In fact, I met a sweet girl on a bus to Plovdiv recently. She said her family had a lot of farm land and cultivated sunflowers. I should have asked her if they'd consider letting me frolic in them.
The weekend has been fun. I spent most of Saturday at a local pool with Reneta. We had a good time talking and hanging out. I taught her how to sit on the bottom of the pool, how to do a handstand on the bottom of the pool, and how to swim underwater. I also got a nice sunburn pattern on my back, my feet, my legs, and my face. I looked like a tomato. I hate when I get sunburned - especially on my nose. I feel like it's red enough. Meh.
Like I said, Reneta and I had a good chat. I asked her what one of the coolest things to happen to her in her life was, and she said, "Meeting you." Awww... melt my heart. Reneta is a chatterbox. She told me a couple times to say something. "What do you want me to say?" "I don't know. Just say something. It's boring when you don't talk about anything." So true. And that's how I feel. I just don't know what to say to people half the time.
I have few friends here in Rakitovo - real friends. I know a bunch of people. I recognize and say "hello" to scores of people in my town. There are several people that I can chat with for five minutes or so. People have commented that "everyone" knows me in this town. I doubt that's an accurate statement, but I do stand out. It's normal for people to stop me in the street and talk for a few moments. Friends? Few. It's rare for someone to actually call me up and say, "Hey Apryl, let's go out." I go out, but it's more of a "when I'm seen by happenstance" kind of thing. It's rare for someone to actually think of me while I'm sitting at home and ask me to come out. (As I write this, someone is texting me asking me to come out, so I'm experiencing something rare at the moment.) I have to get out and run into people for anything to happen. I miss people thinking of me when I'm not around and calling me up. Hmmm... well, now I'm going to go out and meet up with someone who's thought of me, so I'd better wrap this up soon.
The town "praznik" has been fun. They say that our municipality actually can't afford it. I don't know if it's true, but it's disheartening to see oodles of money being spent in the span of three days which could (maybe) go to improve the town. Of course, as mayor, what do you do? I don't envy the job. If you didn't spend money on the town's "praznik" and go all out, the population would probably be even more upset, "Look at our mayor. We can't even celebrate our town's 'praznik' like we should. We must be really suffering." I don't know. Better to put it on, even if we can't afford it.
I hung out with some friends last night, and I took some kids I know to the rides. I met up with the "guy who didn't bother to learn my name," and we stayed out late. He knows my name now. I asked him where he learned it, but he just said he's known it all along. Sure. I have to admit that it's cute when he calls me by my name. I grabbed his phone last night and searched through his contacts. There was my number, and what was written as the contact name? "Amerika." Nice. I had a good laugh about that. I hope you do, too. Krum found me last night as well. He was drinking, and he started yelling at me to give him money. I said I wasn't going to listen to his yelling and walked off.
Today was the actual day of the town's "praznik." Yanko called late last night and gave us the day off. I was so excited. I slept in late and lazed around until the afternoon. Then I went out, talked to some people, and ate some fair food. I stopped by at a local hardware store where the girl also gives manicures and pedicures. She had told me to stop by before, so I took the moment to get a manicure and a pedicure. I now have butterflies with glitter all over my nails.
This evening, I went out to hear the concerts. I met up with my friend Fanka and danced the horo, rode some rides, ate some cotton candy, and walked around. She actually called me. I even got on a ride with my new friend - "manicure girl." I'm good once I get out of the house. Sometimes it's the getting out of the house that's tough for me.
As a brief sidenote, I've begun to notice that many gorgeous women are with less-than-average looking guys. Bulgarian women are absolutely beautiful. Bulgarian men are... well, there are a few really attractive ones, but most don't come near the women on a totally superficial level. I've always wanted to be a non-superficial sort of person - especially since I don't consider myself physically striking, but I can't help but notice these things. I think of myself as good-looking, but in an average sort of way. Here are all these absolutely beautiful women on the arms of so-so men. It's strange to me, 'cause I think that all the men I've kissed (and there haven't been many) have been better-looking than me. How is it that I end up with such good-looking guys? And here are all these gorgeous women who are missing out? I'm not complaining. Just making an observation.....


Dima said...

As the title is placed in quotation marks, it should refer to Ostava's song, right. Than I have a better one for you:

Our hopes and expectations
Black holes and revelations

Our hopes and expectations
Black holes and revelations

Lyrpa said...

I actually had to look up what the comment above refers to. I didn't know there was such a song:

Anonymous said...

That's a remix. The original can be found here, upper right corner

Хубав ден!