Monday, May 26, 2008

Springtime in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is absolutely gorgeous in the spring. I've been taking some trips cross-country, and the landscape is absolutely stunning. I wish I could capture it accurately for you and send some your way. Just picture lush, green vegetation everywhere dotted by yellow and purple wildflowers. It's paradise!
That's all I really wanted to say.
Well, that and that I'm working on more projects. After beating my head to help my colleagues write a project in English, I'm translating it back to Bulgarian. My boss pointed out that we should have had someone working on the Bulgarian version while we were hashing out the English one. Good point! Why didn't I think of that? Now I get to translate it back and hope it makes sense to what they were saying in the first place. Oh well. It gives me more practice with my Bulgarian. Plus, my typing in Bulgarian is getting better. I swear I'm up to 30 wpm or something. I wonder if there's a program to test that....

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