Monday, May 19, 2008

Rethinking the PC

A recent article has been passed around regarding Foreign Policy and the Peace Corps. I agree with it 99.99% That doesn't mean it's right. I don't know all the facts, but I still agree with it from what I've seen in my own experience. I wonder if that makes me a "bad" volunteer. Of course I will always be grateful for the experience Peace Corps has made possible for me - through the generous contribution of taxpayers. I just think the organization is much better at fulfilling its last two goals over its first. Please comment.


Anonymous said...

Robert L. Strauss wrote a very interesting informative article that leaves me disturbed. I would expect more of the PC.
I'm sure there are acceptions and since I normally think and expect the positive, I believe Apryl does make a difference for many Bulgarians, even though she meets unending challenges that may cause her to doubt her worth. Apryl is truly a hard working and sincere volunteer who always wants more for her people.

Anonymous said...

Being the poor branch of CIA won't help much in this present age. BG is now part of the almighty kingdom of Eurotrash and no fuzzy policy about making people "feel good" is gonna change that. Good luck avoiding the gipsies on the way home.

Lyrpa said...

Whoa. I don't know what to say, Anonymous #1. (Anonymous #2 - I don't know what to say either. I'm "bez dumi." Thanks for your "optimism.") High praise from someone I'm guessing doesn't know me. The very reason I agree with the article is because I see myself in the description. Development worker? Puh-leez!