Tuesday, May 20, 2008


"Everything in moderation - including moderation." It's interesting how too much of something or too little of something can produce the same effect: frustration. Take work for example. Today was a busy day. Busy, busy, and long. I don't remember the last time a day lasted so long.
I started by going to one of the schools to get the director to sign an agreement and to ask if anyone would be coming to our session on anti-trafficking. I ended up going into a classroom with a bunch of eighth graders to see if I could convince them to come to the meeting. No dice. At least they were honest. I just wish I could convince them of how important it is, and they're not immune to becoming victims of human trafficking.
Afterwards, I went to the municipality to get another signature. Then back to the school to get more signatures. Then back to the municipality. Then to the office for a bit. Then up to the mahala with Valia to go around telling women about the session on anti-trafficking.
I was worried that few people would show, but we had a full room. A volunteer from Sofia came to talk about trafficking in persons, and it was an interesting lecture. I admire any volunteer from Bulgaria, and I must have told her so at least three times. Bulgaria doesn't have a culture of volunteerism at this stage in the country's history, and it's always inspiring to see a Bulgarian give of their time without expecting compensation.
Then back to the office. Then up to the mahala to have Spanish with Maria and Reneta. They're geniuses. I wish my brain worked like theirs. Then we played baseball for the first time this season. There were only eight of us, but we had a good time at the stadium - minus the stadium guy getting mad at us for stepping on his grass seeds. Oh well. Time for baseball again. It's past time for baseball again.

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