Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Two Hundred

Welcome to my two-hundredth post. Yay!
It snowed today. Can you believe it? The weather had been behaving so nicely recently, and it decided to snow for a few hours.
I haven't seen a stork yet, so I'm still wearing all these red and white bracelets around my wrist. Some people swear they have already seen a stork, but I guess I just don't have any luck. It makes it harder now that I don't live right across the street from a church with a storks' nest on the bell tower.
What is interesting is that I live closer to the mosque now. I hear prayers sung out every once in a while, and it's fascinating. I've walked around the mosque, and I've tried desperately to peer through the windows, but I haven't been inside. I haven't gotten a clear answer yet on whether or not women can enter for prayers.
I also live closer to the monumental clock in town. It chimes every hour and on the half hour. Instead of being woken up by church bells, I'm constantly reminded that time is ticking forth. It's kind of weird. I'm glad I don't live closer to it. I bet it'd wake me up all the time.
Tim and Andy still haven't let me know about exactly when they are coming. I shouldn't complain, but it makes it hard for me to plan and leads to stress on my part. They don't put stress on me. I put it on myself. They're just trying to be laid-back about their goodwill mission, and I'm thinking I have to do something amazing to make its Rakitovo stop a success. I've been trying to mobilize some youth in my community. I have tenuous contacts with a variety of people, and I really hope it will work out to get them all together. Ideally, it would be great to have a discussion about minorities up in the Educational Center, but I don't know how many Bulgarian youth I could convince to come in the Roma neighborhood for a stimulating conversation. It's a shame.
In other news, my organization found out on Monday that we won a huge grant from the Ministry of Education and Science. It's almost 100,000 leva for two years, and I'm so glad that my colleagues will have work for at least that period of time. I mentioned before that Future Foundation was about to go through a trial of sink-or-swim here soon, and it's a relief to get such great news. It looks like we were placed first amongst the organizations that applied in our category, meaning that we wrote a project that received the best evaluation and therefore the highest score. I'm incredibly proud of all of us, and I'm glad I was able to help and be a part of its development. We have a lot of work coming up with it - them moreso than me - but there's nothing like the value of hard work.
We're still doing grant-writing, which is fine by me. This latest one is a fun one, but it's currently a mess. I hope to be able to fine-tune it and give it enough sense to be attractive to possible donors. Who can say? It's hard getting one approved out of every six or so, but it's so worth it when that moment of triumph comes.
My landlady returns from her three-month, Canada stay tomorrow. She left right before I returned from home leave, and I've had the place to myself since I got back here. As of tomorrow night, I won't be alone in this house anymore, and it'll be weird. I've really gotten used to being here by myself, and I'm almost sorry to lose that situation. It's not fair to wish someone wouldn't return to their own home. That's ridiculous. I'm just saying I'll miss being here with only me, myself, and I.
I'm sure there are other things that I wanted to share, but it's my bedtime. I hope you have enjoyed the 200th installment of my blog. xoxo

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