Friday, March 28, 2008

Eccentricity and Obnoxiousness

I've been wanting to post for a long time, but it seems like something is always going on, and I never get around to posting. Here are the big things that have been happening:
1. Probably the most eccentric guy in town asked me to translate a paper on Vasil Levski - the iconic hero of Bulgaria - and it was practically a treatise. I probably should have said "no" just because, while my Bulgarian is pretty great, it's not quite "up to snuff" for something like that. Plus, work like that should really receive compensation. I could not accept money 'cause I'm a Peace Corps Volunteer, and I should have left it to the professionals who can ask for money. I even roped Angel into helping me figure out a few thoughts I couldn't understand. Poor guy. Oh well. It was interesting, and there went my last weekend. If he ever asks how I can make it up to him, I'm going to tell him I want to learn how to say "no" and if he can give me a weekend of my life back.
He really is an interesting guy, though. Way back in the early days of democracy, he asked that the president revoke his citizenship. His ID card literally says that he is without citizenship. It makes it tough for him to leave Bulgaria. He says he knows things that they don't want leaving the country. He's just the type of person to pull that story off. Who knows? It may be true. He's definitely a smart guy.
2. Tim and Andy are here. I mentioned before about their project and stuff. We had a meeting with some people last night. Not everyone who said they would come, came, but I guess I can't expect anything different from this place. It went fairly well, though, and I think the guys were happy with it. I hope they are.
Today, we went into a couple English classes, and the boys talked to the students in there. Again, I think it went well and it was interesting for the students. The boys will say when they post again to their blogs. I've enjoyed having them around. We made an amazing meal today of soup, salad, and bread. Then they came to my Spanish classes with Maria and Reneta and talked with Ani and Yanko afterward. We also went to a volleyball game at the school today - teachers vs. students - and that was fun. Also, Andy and I made cookies. As work has been going pretty slow, I've been enjoying the time to hang out with the boys.
3. Work is a little slow, but my boss has been running around like a crazy man. So have we a little bit, but really - it's more of a waiting game thing. I mentioned that we won a huge project recently, and we've needed to get all sorts of documents from our partners. It's been trying at times to get them to cough up their information, but it's all worked out in the end, apparently. My boss took all those documents to the ministry in Sofia today.
4. We also turned in another project at the end of last week. I stayed at the office until about ten at night to finish it up, and we still turned it in early. We'll see how that one goes. I'm praying it will all work out for the best.
5. I go to Sofia tomorrow to pick up my friend, Michelle. I'm so excited that someone is coming to Bulgaria to see me. I really hope that she has a good time with me.
6. I finally went out to coffee with a guy in town who has caught my eye. I mentioned him in an earlier post, but our signals got crossed, and we never met up. Here, two months later, we finally were able to talk briefly and he asked me to coffee. He called that night, but I was busy. He called again tonight, and we were able to go out for a couple hours or so. It went well, and I'll probably meet up with him again.
I guess that's about it. I did want to talk about something here that drives me nuts for a moment: Cutting in line. I was in line at a fruit and vegetable stand the other night when it really got to me. I went up to the window to tell the woman what I wanted, when another woman came up with her son. They started talking about how they wanted strawberries, and the woman at the window began serving them. Excuse me! I was here waiting in line! It wasn't even like I was leaving any space for them, either. I was literally at the window. Here, if you even leave a little space, people can crowd you out. That's why I make sure to use the "boxing out" skills I learned while playing varsity basketball in high school. Anyway, the boy practically began climbing on top of me. I was so irritated, I stepped back. I began sighing and making all kinds of faces.
Meanwhile, another man came up. When the woman and her son were done, he stepped in and started placing his order! I must have sighed loud enough to hear, 'cause he was like... "Oh, were you here? I saw you step back...." I'm like, "Um, yeah, I've been waiting a while, actually." "Oh. We'll I'm just getting some ingredients for a salad. I'll be quick." By the time I got to the window, the lady could tell that I was irritated, and she was quick about getting my stuff.
It happens all the time in the market. It seems like someone's always got to cut in front of me to get a pack of cigarettes, or whatever it may be. I get more frustrated with the lady who serves them. Only a few times has anyone ever said, "Hey, this girl was here first." They say that the "crying baby gets the milk" or something like that. I hate that. The "crying baby" is obnoxious and needs to wait his turn. And his "mother" shouldn't cater to his needs right away just 'cause he demands it. I refuse to cut people off. I wish they would have the same consideration for me, but I'm just a whiner.
What's interesting about my new digs is that I currently live next to the public bath house. Mostly Roma go there on the weekends because they don't have bathing facilities at home, but it's interesting watching people walk down my road with a bag of clothes and then returning with wet hair. Okay, this concludes your random update. Until next time....

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