Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Scalding Irony

As I mentioned before, some of my pipes have been frozen the past few days. This means I haven't showered in three or four moons. I was turning into that girl - the smelly one.
Tonight, I was ecstatic to find that my shower was running again. I immediately dashed in for some needed refreshment, only to find out that the "cold" nozzle was still frozen, meaning that the only shower option was "scalding hot." I stood there - cursing the irony of the situation and getting a steam. I used the precious ten seconds at the end while the water went from "scalding hot" to "arctic ice" to throw some shampoo in my hair and try to rinse it out all at once. I felt dirty all through my shower, but now, amazingly, I feel pretty clean. I bet I'll still have greasy hair tomorrow. Who says extreme temperatures can't be fun?

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