Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I feel badly for complaining about my pipes now. I heard about the storm that hit Northern California after I left, and it reminds me that things could always be much, much worse. I was able to unfreeze most of my pipes, however, and I can now bathe. Don't worry about me. Really, I'm fine.
So, I'm back in the office, and I find myself listless. English will start up next week, and that will keep me busy. Other than that, I want things to do. I pray something will turn up soon to make me feel "useful."
Peace Corps is coming on Friday to talk about the PLAN for the third year. I put it in big letters because something about it seems so daunting to me. I really don't want to talk to Peace Corps about how I plan to be "successful" here.
Today, I was able to help someone find work in England. He asked me to call a friend of a friend on the phone, and it turned out that he had work waiting for him and his three friends. The guy on the phone asked if I could come to England with them. I must admit, it would be interesting. It's the smallest thing, but it feels good to help someone communicate and find work in a matter of a few sentences. Why can't all my work have that feeling of instant gratification? God gave me that one as a freebie. It reminds me that I really want to do translation/interpretation work.
I went and saw Enyo and Milka the other night. They were excited to see me. They embraced me in huge hugs and repeated that I should come to them if I ever needed support of any kind. I'm counting my blessings that there's no ill feeling there. It seems that they had quite a crowd for the holidays. I'm glad I got out before then.
It's been great seeing people again. Yanko's eyes glistened when he found me in his living room. My colleagues were excited about the presents I brought back with me. Ani and Valia went wild for their "American" jeans, and they talk about them everyday and how they plan to wear them. I saw the youth I used to work with this morning, and they joked with me and invited me to coffee. I saw some of the younger kids I used to work with, and they came running up to me. My "sister," Vili, said that she missed me so much and couldn't wait to see me again. Some people couldn't care less that I'm back, but most ask me how things were back in the states. I don't consider myself having very many "real" friends here, but there are plenty of great people.
It's true what the addage says, "How can I miss you if you won't go away?" It's usually used in a negative context, but it has a lot of truth to it. My friends and family in the states bent over backwards to spend time with me because I had been gone so long. And people here are doing their best to be accomodating since I disappeared for a while and have now returned. I am counting my blessings.

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