Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bulgarian Bureaucracy

So, the past few days have been a lot of filling out paperwork, picking up documents, and running around for nothing. It'd be boring to get into it. I did finally turn over the keys to Enyo and Milka last night. I've spent the last couple evenings with them, and that's been good. I really do love them. I just can't live with them.
So instead of boring you with the mundane tasks and all the waiting I've been doing the past few days, (I swear I spend half my time just waiting for something to happen, i.e. a bus to come, etc.) I wanted to ask you if you're a "genius" procrastinator. I know I am. I'm just too smart for my own good! Hahaha.

Here's the definition according to Wikipedia:

"Genius procrastinator" is a type of "relaxed" procrastinator. Unlike the typical "relaxed type" procrastinator, who usually does not care about the task they are delaying, geniuses do care but do not need to put a great deal of effort into that task to do well, and therefore can wait until the last minute, put in minimal effort, and still produce a good result. "Genius" procrastinators often work well under pressure; often when they do not have a set deadline for a project, their work lags. Other "genius" procrastinators are just lazy with their time in general, and when they're procrastinating in a subject that they are not as skilled at, they usually fall under the "tense-afraid" type.
A common example of the "genius" procrastinator is the precocious student who is working in a class where the expectations are set far below their ability level in that subject. For example, a gifted writer in a standard-level English class often waits until the last minute to write their papers because they know that they will get an A even by putting in the lowest amount of effort possible, and that to expend any more effort than that on such an assignment would be wasteful.

Awesome. Anyway, I think I'm actually ready to go to the states. I can't think of anything else I have to do, really - other than pack.

Tomorrow: I'm in Rakitovo... kickin' it.
Friday: I'm in Sofia for a dental appointment and physical.
Saturday: I think I'll go to Plovdiv - still my favorite Bulgarian city.
Sunday: I think I'll get together with colleagues and have a drink.
Monday: I'm in Sofia for medical follow-up and a meeting.

For the next six weeks: Family, Friends, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years 2008, and copious amounts of Mexican food!!!!!

I can't wait. I just want it to be here already.


Brandy said...

mexican food? yeah baby!

Christi said...

Just catching up on your blogs in my spare time. Hahhaha whats that? Anyways I love it Genius procrastinator! That kicks butt! BTW we are going to grub while your here. I cannot wait to see you, hug you and talk to you face to face, you know girl chats! Love you and counting the seconds!!!