Saturday, August 04, 2007

A few more things....

So, I don't have asthma and my chest x-ray was clear, so I don't have pneumonia. They think I have bronchitis. I'm on an antibiotic and I'm using an inhaler. They suspect it's viral, but I guess I'm on the strong antibiotic just in case it's bacterial? And the PCMO (Peace Corps Medical Officer) said the inhaler was to help clear out the excess sputum and junk in my lungs. I'm kind of confused as to why I'm on these meds 'cause the internet says that the treatment for acute bronchitis is rest and plenty of fluids. If I do have a viral infection, I don't see what good these medications are doing. (sigh) The good ol' internet. I'm sure doctors appreciate and curse it at the same time. It aids in a lot of "self-diagnosing." Plus, the internet said that I should take the antibiotic in a manner that was not prescribed by my PCMO. Do I believe the internet? Do I believe the health professional? The internet wins!
In other, fun news, I was man-handled by a "baba" (elderly woman) in Sofia yesterday on my way to the office. She planted her formidable form in front of me as I was getting off the tram. I couldn't get past her or her cane. She started pawing at me, and I grabbed all my belongings in a defensive maneuver. She then started yelling something at me. My head was racing. "What is this woman doing?" Finally, I understood her. "Biletche! Biletche!" she was yelling as she was pushing into me. She was demanding one of the tram tickets that I held in my hand. At last, I pushed by her, "Mi triyabvat." (I need them.) I told her and wandered off shaking my head. It's not every day you get violated by a "baba." Cheeky grandma.
Here's another rant. Why is Bulgaria selling all its land? I mean, I say this with very little knowledge on the subject, but it seems to me that Bulgaria is ready to sell what public domain it has just to make a quick buck. I suspect that most of the Black Sea Coast is in the hand of foreigners, and the prices of most hotels are so astronomical by Bulgarian standards, that your average Bulgarian can't even go to the sea anymore. (sigh) It's so ridiculous to me. I don't know what the answer is. I just want to rant and bring it to light. Hotel after hotel after hotel. In fact, many of the banners advertising apartments by the sea aren't even in Bulgarian! Everything is in English. It's as if people know that they shouldn't even bother. Okay, I'm leaving now. Thomas is complaining that I'm WAY too verbose. Are you happy, Thomas!?

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