Thursday, April 26, 2007

That Authentic "California" Shirt You're Wearing Was Stitched in Bulgaria....

No kidding. I thought I would take the time to inform you. 'Cause we're all being duped, and I don't want anyone to take it anymore.
A couple weeks ago, when I was in a little "celo," I was given a couple shirts by a very nice lady who owned a sweatshop. Totally kidding, but she did have a sewing factory - or what-have-you. Anyway, I got this great, orange shirt that says "Scorpion Bay" on it, and it's copyrighted like this:
© Scorpion Bay - Out There... Mas Fina
Clothing, Baya California
And here's what the tag says:
Scorpion Bay is a legendary surf spot located on the west coast of Baja. This area is well-known among surf aficionados aound the world for the quintessential surfing experience. All our clothing designs artwork and colors subtly influenced by the remote beaches of Baja.....a feeling of good times past, and even better times to come.
Their website is in English and Italian. What's that about? Actually, I can't get the English version to even come up. Anyway, as far as I know, this shirt was manufactured in Greece and stitched together in Bulgaria. The tag, that was probably put on here in-country, has certainly never seen the shores of Baja. And it calls the shirt "mandarin," so excuse me. But this is just so true of the world and how we live. Tell us whatever you want to tell us. Make us buy into your product. We'll believe it. Why not?
Along those lines, here's a comic some of you might enjoy.

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