Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I'm sick. I caught a cold (probably from one of my kids) sometime last week, and I have been feeling lazy as of late. I haven't done any Peace Corps-related work the past couple of days, and it's really good for the morale. Bleh. (That was sarcasm in case you hadn't noted it.)
So, after that HUGE update about my new "job," I had to turn it down. Yep, that was the shortest job ever. After talking to Peace Corps and the school again, it turned out that I couldn't work there because of a technicality. So, I can't get paid. And I can't donate money because, technically, I don't have any money to donate. So, the school would have to pay my foundation directly for my work. For legal documents, the school has to pay an actual person. They can't pay a foundation. Well, my name can't go on any documents.
It's really too bad, because there's no one. Yanko tried to get ahold of someone he knew, but she recently accepted work somewhere else. I was relieved that I had to decline the job until I saw some of my students faces as I told them today. Their disappointment made me wish I could change things. They had had a free period before that, and a teacher teased these boys that they were coming back just to have English with me. I wanted to crawl away and hide. I have to go back tomorrow and tell some more students. It probably would have been better if I hadn't even come last Thursday to teach. I'm really glad I got to meet them though.
This weekend was a good one again. I went to Sofia to help out with a charity event. The International Women's Club of Sofia held a holiday bazaar to sponsor their philanthropy work. It was a HUGE event - with tons of diplomats and big-wigs from the ex-pat community. English was being spoken everywhere, and it was an environment of the likes I haven't been in for quite some time.
The booths were country-themed, and many embassies came out to strut their stuff. I helped out at the Irish stall - selling authentic merchandise and gladly taking people's money. We also sold Irish coffees (with real Irish whiskey), which were a big hit. I had a great time speaking English and getting to know some of the eccentric characters that had left various countries to come and work in Bulgaria. I ate some good food, bought some presents, and even had my picture taken with Santa! It was fun times. Now, I need to get about the work of convincing them that they need to fund our work here in Rakitovo.
Okay, well, there's not much else to update you with. I have been a slug hiding out in her home. I did put together some pictures for you, however. Here's the trip to Athens for the marathon and the disordered latest from Bulgaria. Enjoy!

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Fuzzmaster said...

And where pray tell is this picture of you with Santa? I always wondered if Santa was multi-lingual?