Friday, November 17, 2006

Sunny Days = Bliss

I have to tell you about the good days, too, right? Today was a good day. The past few days have been pretty good, but today was pretty fantastic. And there's not really a special reason behind it. I'm just happy today. Well, it's been sunny recently. Still chilly, but it's not snowing and there's still this brilliant sun that allows me to shed my coat every so often.
My English classes were a blast today. Thirteen kids showed up for my first class. They filled up the room, and there weren't enough chairs for all of them. We had a blast singing, yelling, and playing - all in English, of course. My second class was fun, too. I don't know. I was just feeling good today, and have been feeling so ever since after my last post. I just thought I'd share.
And I might be able to start computer classes soon. We've been explaining to parents why we have to raise the rates for them, and they seem disposed to pay the significant hike. We'll see if anything comes of it. They weren't so into it at first. Now, maybe there'll be some change. Maybe we can pay our electric bills now.
Brandy's going to start an art class next week. I guess it's just the realization that the center might get some more traffic other than just for my English classes that has me jazzed. And we're planning on combining forces and having Thanksgiving dinner for some people at the center. I really hope that works out.
We've got some other projects in the works, and I'm feeling optomistic. I'm gone from morning to evening with my work, but I'm feeling energized by it so far. I go through these quick mood-swings from feeling inspired to defeated and back again. I'd like to stay on a high for the time-being. These mood-swings are exhausting.
And I have a date tomorrow in Plovdiv. I'm going to meet an Italian who lives in Bulgaria and learn to make tiramisu. It's been a while since I've gone on a first date, and this is the first time I'm meeting someone that I've "met" online. If you don't hear from me soon, contact someone. I may have been trafficked.
Okay, that's not funny. It's just that I've been watching all these horrible people-trafficking videos recently, and I'm suspicious of everyone now because it just looks so easy to fall into a trap. I'm probably too old to be trafficked. Seriously, I hope I just learn how to make some delicious Italian cake.
I'm going to go now. I just figured I should be randomly happy and hit you with that instead of the random sadness I sometimes weigh you down with.
Here's a random slogan for you from "the advertising slogan generator:" "Central Heating for Gibson" Yeah, wouldn't THAT be nice for this winter? I'll hang onto the sun as long as I can though.

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