Saturday, October 14, 2006

Opening Grand Pictures

Carl Hammerdorfer, the Country Director for Peace Corps Bulgaria, shakes hands with Ani while both Peace Corps and Future Foundation colleagues look on. Posted by Picasa
So, I have posted the pictures that we put up in the center for our grand opening. It isn't entirely comprehensive by any means, but I've been taking pictures of that place since the end of March, and these are probably the best of the best. What a great day.
There's not too much going on at the center yet, but it's certainly receiving its fair share of attention. There are those who saw it on TV, were astonished, and want to come see it live. Kids show up, and I give them the tour. We posted up signs for computer and English classes up at the center, and I already have three kids signed up for English. My colleagues say a bunch more will come next week. Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for the computer guy to show up and hook up our internet. "Tomorrow, Apryl. I'll come tomorrow for sure." And then he always has an excuse as to why he can't come. Who does business like this? Oh yeah, I almost forgot where I live for a second.
I'm currently waiting for a fellow, nutty Peace Corps Volunteer to show up at my place. He's apparently riding a bike from his town to mine, which I'm thinking is a 70 - 75 km trip. I'll have to ask him if he ever gets here. I'm a little worried about him as he thought he would be here an hour ago. Oh wait, he just showed up. I'm going to go and ramble at you all some more later.

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