Thursday, June 29, 2006

Text me!

Hey! Did you know you can send free text messages to my phone? And that I can send messages back to your online account? Probably not because I haven't told you about it. If this "once-in-a-lifetime" offer is something that interests you, shoot me an e-mail or something, and I'll tell you how to sign up for free!

Man, did we ever have the craziest flash, summer storm last night. I woke up to lightning and huge crashes of thunder. It was quite a show. I risked my life by stepping out onto my balcony to collect my laundry, but I got a front-row seat as I ducked in and out gathering clothes. I like living on the edge.
Yesterday, a couple girls rode bikes past my house and call out my name. It's been a really long time since someone called me from the street to ask me to play. I almost felt like I needed to find my mom and ask her for permission. I was cooking dinner, and I wasn't going to get out there fast enough for them, so I invited them in. We played card games, then we went outside and played volleyball, then one of them treated me to ice cream. Maybe we'll get together again and hang out tonight. Ain't summer great? God's still looking out for me....

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