Friday, May 19, 2006

Green Hills, Blue Mountains, and 3rd Party Dates

Rakitovo is so gorgeous. I didn't realize it until everything turned green, and I started going places around my town. It all started when the other volunteers were here and commented on how pretty it was. Then, a couple days ago, I took a run up into the hills that I look at everyday. It was so beautiful - the pine trees, the streams, the green grass, the wildflowers, the clearings with the blossoming fruit trees. I'm falling in love with this place even more. I am enjoying living in a town surrounded by mountains - where I can walk up into them just about anytime I please.
The educational center is coming along even further. We've laid beautiful tiles down in half the main hall. I'll be posting a bunch of pictures when it's over. I think it's easier that way - for me - to just do it in one shot. The next move is to finish the flooring, put up the walls, and then we we will install the heaters and the electrical equipment. It's becoming a reality! We're excited over here.
I went on the strangest "date last night. Enyo, for the longest time, has been insisting that I meet a Bulgarian and settle down here. Between us, it's always a joke, and I mostly just laugh. Another volunteer, however, told him that she wouldn't mind being set-up with a Bulgarian, but she has certain standards. She told him her criteria, and recently Enyo found a man that more-or-less fits them. He informed me that I needed to go meet this guy and screen him. Plus, if I liked him, I should keep him, and we'll find someone else for the other volunteer.
We randomly showed up at his house one day. I could tell the poor guy had no idea what was going on. Enyo introduced me to him, and as he was working and unprepared for any type of visit, they arranged to talk later. So, last night Enyo decided to call him up. He came into my apartment to announce that he was going to make the arrangement to meet. The guy agreed to stop by after work. I waited, and waited, and waited. I was getting pretty impatient and frustrated. It's sad enough to be stood-up on your own dates. I really don't need the inconvenience and "pathetic-ness" of being stood-up on a date for someone else. I had other things to do.
Finally, he showed up, and we went to coffee. He apologized for being late. He's a pleasant but quiet guy. He talks so softly and mumbles a bit. It wasn't always easy for me to understand him. He admitted that he was worried that I didn't speak Bulgarian because I hadn't really said anything the other day. He seemed relieved that I could understand him. We had some pleasant conversation punctuated by a few, silent pauses. He cracked a few jokes. He started to talk about possible things to do if I didn't have any other plans for the weekend. Ah-ha! (and uh-oh) This guy really has NO idea what this is about. I started by apologizing. I knew Enyo had been random and unforthcoming with this guy. He told me that his brother-in-law had talked to Enyo and had vaguely mentioned something about meeting someone, but he was really sweet about it and said that he didn't mind. I had nothing to apologize for. "Wait," I said, "you still don't know entirely what this is about." I told him that Enyo constantly jokes with me about finding a Bulgarian man, and that he's also taken to joking with a friend of mine. I told him that I was there for my friend, and that it would be good for the two of them to meet. He was still really understanding and said it was no problem. Maybe we could all get together - the three of us.
He paid for the coffee, and then we took a quick walk around the center. Since there was still daylight out, he invited me to go to Tsigov Chark. Tsigov Chark is a small locale 7 km. from Rakitovo. There is a large reservoir there, and it's a popular site for camping and vacationing. Several people around here talk about taking me there, but no one has actually made good on that. Hence, I accepted the invitation and finally went to this fabled place with a stranger. It really is quite pretty up there - although some of the buildings are pretty run down. The water was beautiful, and the surrounding hills were gorgeous. I love how the mountains take on a blue color as the sun sets here. We were probably up there for about an hour and then turned around and came back down.
So, that was my "third-party date." It was interesting playing the "middle woman." It's great to have another acquaintance in Rakitovo, and it's a HUGE plus that he has a car. He said that it was nice to have the company and that if I ever wanted to go anywhere again, to just let him know. I could really exploit this....

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