Friday, April 14, 2006

Chestit Rozhden Den to Me!

I love the smell of burning trash in the morning. It really motivates me to keep running... to get away. Yeah, and running is great for integration. Everyone stares at me anyway. Might as well stare at me while I'm whizzin' by you. As if I weren't strange enough. Now I run around in circles, and it stupifies people. Why would anyone want to do that?
I think I mentioned that April 8th was going to be "International Roma Day." So yeah. It was. My organization hosted this amazing talent show (skits, cultural dancing, singing) in the chitalishte (cultural center), and then they hosted a "Miss Romka" competition up in the Mahala. Anyway, so half of the Roma neighborhood was in the chitalishte for the show, and I got up and tried to dance "kuchek" with another girl. The crowd went wild. I'm semi-famous now in the Mahala. I was already quite the commodity before, but now even more people know about me, stare at me, and say hi to me. I guess that's good for... well, not exactly integration, but you know... getting my name out there and making me seem a little more approachable. Yanko has me dancing on video. Haven't seen it yet. Angel was apparently so amazed he forgot to take pictures. So there's my claim to fame now. I've always been a generally shy, reserved sort of person, but sometimes this crazy side of me comes out. They say it's always the quiet ones....
In other news regarding the 8th of April, I lost a bet with Angel. We had made a bet regarding our volunteers - whether they would really do a skit at the show (like they said they would) or not. They didn't do the skit. Not only was I disappointed at their lack of following through, but I had to cook dinner for Angel. Oh well - he's the one who loses out. I can't cook! Hahaha.
As many of you may have known, this last Tuesday was my birthday (rozhden den). I had a wonderful day. My colleagues spoiled me with flowers and a necklace. A package from a friend in the states happened to show up that day. (Props to Amanda for getting me addicted to a show called "House" by sending the first season in the package. I'd never watched an episode before, but I watched six last night. It was a nice escape. I even forgot where I was. For a moment, I was so disoriented. I thought I was in my living room in Sacramento. It took me a minute to place myself. I haven't had many moments like that. It was a weird, but definitely cool feeling.) Brandy gave me some homemade salsa, tortilla chips, and peanut butter. Maria and Reneta gave me an awesome model of a home that they had made themselves! I got a beautiful coffee mug from my Bulgarian language tutor. And she let me just hang out without having an actual lesson. I really didn't want to study Bulgarian that day. We just chatted and looked over a "Bulgarian National Geographic." There was an article about California earthquakes. Angel organized a surprise party with the volunteers. I suspected something was up, but I can't believe a bunch of youth who can't be motivated to do the simplest projects - nevermind put a Christmas party together - were able to come together and have a party for my birthday. I was so flattered! They had food, drinks, and good music that we danced to for a few hours. They gave me a little pillow that says "I love you" and a bracelet. Sashko also gave me a ceramic elephant. Apparently elephants are an animal symbolizing good luck. I have a lot of things with elephants on them. So yeah. I'm bragging. I know. But if you've ever spent a birthday abroad, you know how important it is that someone make it special when you don't have the usual family and friends to celebrate with. My friends and colleagues here are amazing! It made turning 25 a bit easier.
So now I'm in Sofia. I have meetings with Peace Corps, and then I'm going back to site to celebrate some more. Plus, I got a couple more packages that finally decided to show up in Sofia. Sweet. Next week: Turkey. I'm excited.

P.S. My blog has fallen to #11 on this site. While 11 is my favorite number, this is unacceptable, people. How can I go from #3 to #11? I must be failing as a blog writer - or you people are just tired of me rambling on about how wonderful my site is, my colleagues are, I am.... Ha! I'm going to make up some crazy nonsense to spice this blog up a bit. In the meantime, search out random people on the street and give them my blog address. Talk to your contacts at blogger and tell them to make my blog a blog of note. Everyone should learn about the dangers of Bulimia.


exess said...

You can thank Amanda for directing me to your page. I love reading blogs, so you can count on me as a regular.

Amanda said...

heehee. "House." I'll make sure to send you Season 2 when it comes out. Glad you're enjoying it.

Fuzzmaster said...

Hehehe, How is it that you are able to watch DVDs without a TV? Perhaps a bit too much green liquid on St. Patty's? Or is it the slow mental decay that comes with being a quarter century old? PS: One of your Moms was braggin' about you again. She even made all the kids pray for "those with birthday's this week". Now that you are among the learned elders, you should formulate an amazon "wish list" that way the care packages can be better packed.

Fuzzmaster said...

PS: What kind of computers was your "project" going to get from Britain?

Fuzzmaster said...

By the way, it's not too much to read. Great Epics are always lengthy. You just need to come up with a schnazy title or something. Try:

"The Epic Story of Gibsonesh"


"The Peace Corp Princess - A. Gibson's Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure"

or you could go for a mysteriously vague and alluring title like:

"No 'e' in Corpse"


"Apryl in April"
Spanish Version "Apryl en Abril"
or "AeA"


Andrew! said...

I just did a google search for images of a burning trash in Bulgaria and got your blog as one of my results! =)