Sunday, March 12, 2006

Travel Schemes and Shopping Carts

Welcome, one and all, to Apryl's blog - where there's a new post everyday! You must be tired of me by now, but here I am again to post a myriad of thoughts. First of all, I was back in Plovdiv today. I love that city. It was rainy this morning, but then the sun came out and everyone was strolling along the beautiful promenade. Leslie and I were there to check out travel deals. We met a bunch of nice agents, even practically befriended one, and ran into a long-lost contact from Trud, but in the end decided to stick with the internet, where we found a good July price for a week in Spain and a couple days in Prague. Can you say "comma splice?" Please don't show any English teachers that last sentence. Anyway, after five years, I'm finally going to go back to my second home (Spain). This time, I'm going to get to see "San Fermin" - also known as "The Running of the Bulls." Don't worry. I don't plan on running... just watching the madness. I also finally get to go back to Prague! I think that's my favorite city in Europe. I was only there about 24 hours last time, but it was enough to fall in love. This time it will be for 48 hours, so it's enough to fall in love twice! Er, something....
I was also in "Billa" today. Billa's like your local supermarket. This was a "trip" for me because we don't have supermarkets - with aisles, where you can pick out your own food - in Rakitovo (or much of Bulgaria for that matter). I got to push a shopping cart. It was almost on par with operating a motorized vehicle. I kid, but it's these little things that you become accustomed to not doing that eventually freak you out later. So yeah. Even the parking lot reminded me of Costco, and I had a reality check for a few moments today. I think my head is still swimming. I'm going to go lie down.
Oh! And by the by, just in case you think I'm some altruist joining the Peace Corps - check out what my cousin's doing while I'm bragging about Spain and Prague:

Hello Family and Friends -

As you may know, I am approaching my final quarter of college in a matter of
weeks! My spring break is just around the quarter, March 16-25th. This year I want
to do something meaningful with my time off, something to better the world.
This past year, Hurricane Katrina swept across the south and destroyed hundreds of
miles of lands with homes, businesses, schools and much more. Homes were
completely destroyed, and people's lives were rudely disrupted. This year, I want
to spend my spring break helping to rebuild the community of New Orleans in
Louisiana. My school has organized a trip, but we must pay for our own
transportation. Unfortunately, at this point I can not afford to pay my ticket,
but my heart is telling me to find a way there anyways. I am sending out this
letter to ask for any support that you would be willing to give. And if you are
unable to help me financially, I ask for your prayers and thoughts to be with me
and my peers in these upcoming weeks and especially to be with those people that
have lost everything.
I know this is extremely short notice and I apologize, but I just recently heard
about this trip. We plan on leaving March 18th and returning the 25th. We are
going there with hopes of beginning to re-build amidst the destruction or to
simply help out wherever is needed. For me, this would be the most fulfilling way
to spend my break and it would be an honor to be able to go and help these
devastated people.
Thank you and God Bless-

Yeah. That's my cousin. She's supercute too, so any boys interested in the whole selfless thing better hurry up and get in line to get your hearts broken.

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