Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I'm here late at the office. I'd thought I'd share a quick post. I've been talking a lot about the educational center we're working on and the grant we're applying for. Well, the four applications (14 pages in total) are done. We only have one more thing pending, and it's a pretty important thing. Right now it's in the hands of a third-party, and it may not come to fruition. We may miss our deadline and potentially miss out on funding at the moment because of something someone else has done (or rather didn't do). I can't believe it. I'm feeling pretty numb at the moment. All that work, hope, and expectations.... If you believe in God, please pray for us. Truth be told, it isn't in the hands of this person. It's in God's hands. If He wants it to come together, it will. If He wants us to wait, we'll wait. If He wants us to do something else, we'll have to figure out what that is. This is how my world revolves. Please pray.

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