Wednesday, February 15, 2006

On Display

People stare at me wherever I go. I know I'm an oddity here in town, but it's getting old. Nothing I can do about it. Suck it up, Apryl. I go into a Roma cafe, everyone looks up and stares. It's normal. I look different. Angel and I were invited to a church in the Roma neighborhood. We tried to slip in the back, but no. Everyone looked, and the minister told us we needed to come up in front. So much for sneaking out early. I was wet, dirty, and disgusting from hiking all afternoon in the snow. Whatever. And then the minister went on and on about who I am and why I'm here. Then he asked me to reply to certain questions, to speak in front of the congregation, and to share something about myself. Um, I'm not into public speaking in Bulgarian! Yes, it's important for people to know who I am, but can I just go incognito once? Celebrity is definitely not for me. There's your whining session for this post. Let's move on.
I cried for the first time this week. My electric bill is phenomenal, and I don't know why. Is the electrometer incorrect? Yanko told me I should move. That's not going to happen. I don't know why I'm stressing about it. I don't pay.
My weekend was pretty good. I lazed around on Saturday until it was time to go over to Yanko's and make dinner. We prepared this yummy mushroom dish, and I don't even like mushrooms! Poor Reneta was sick. I felt badly for her 'cause her mom was gone, and I know how much a girl wants her mom when she's sick. I still want my mommy when I'm sick.
Angel and I took a hike this Sunday up into the hills behind Rakitovo. It was absolutely gorgeous up there. I looked down at my town from the snowy hills, and I shivered. Good times. When's spring coming?
My Valentine's Day was probably the best I've had in a long time - probably due to the fact that it's not a huge, commercialized, greeting-card-company-invented holiday here like it is in the states. I'm really not a fan. I spent most of the afternoon in a nearby town with Veska - a girl from our youth group. She also happens to be Angel's twin sister. We went from house to house, from the center to the Roma neighborhood and back, looking for old stories, memories, traditions, and folktales. Most of the elderly didn't want to talk to us, but people were friendly when talking to us and trying to help us find resources. It was SO cold though, and Yanko showed up unexpectedly to take us home.
Once we got into town, we were treated to coffee by Valia (also known as "Valentina") who had a name day yesterday. Yanko ducked out and bought his female colleagues long-stemmed red roses and gifts. His daughters also gave me presents. A package from my mom showed up yesterday. Perfect timing! Lots of See's candy and Valentine's goodies! My dad called. Yay! Although the comment about seeing a beautiful rainbow over the ocean could have been omitted, Dad! =) And Yanko took us colleagues out for dinner. Yep, it was a pretty figgin' awesome day. I hope your V-Day was even better than mine!

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Anonymous said...

Apryl!!!! I had a good Valentines day! Nothing exciting but just a relaxing was the calm before the storm! Today we got word our landlord is selling our home and we have till March 17th to move. I will post my details on myspace blog. It sucks!!!
I am sorry your electric bill made you so sad. It sounds like you need to cuddle up with a warm blanket the sees candy and a good book to make you feel better. If you have to move, good luck with that! Gotta go for now!
Love you lots!!!!! Christi