Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Shot down - w/o a blaze of glory

Here's a quick update for you:
Well, I had my first English session. I think it went more or less okay. The first girl showed up about twenty minutes late. She's really sweet though, and said she just lost track of the time. Two smaller children came in ten minutes after that. So, we went over the alphabet and the numbers through twelve.
A few hours later, we had our youth meeting. They'd like to have a Christmas party on the 23rd. At first they thought about going to a discoteque in Velingrad, but when Yanko reminded them how much it was going to cost, they changed their minds. I tried to offer a few fundraising suggestions. I thought of things I did in high school, that probably wouldn't necessarily work here, but I was hoping to spur them to think of their own ideas that might work. I suggested selling food, and they started laughing. Yanko asked them why they were laughing and said that his daughters did that once. And he gave other examples of selling things. I suggested washing cars (even though I know there's probably not much interest here in that), and I suggested a "Parent's Nite" where we watch kids and the parents could go out. I was politely told that it wouldn't work. Okay, no problem. Yanko understood where I was trying to go though. He tried to spur them on, too, but they weren't having it. They decided (after more discussion) to have the party at the clubhouse where we already meet because it's the cheapest option. Then there was another hour-and-a-half discussion after that about the budget and what to buy. I decided, at the end of the meeting, to try one more time. Here was my idea:
You approach the owner of a cafe nearby. You offer to stage a "Big Brother" production at the cafe. (Big Brother is HUGE here! Everyone and their brother watches it (haha!)) So the kids take on roles of the people who are living in the house in Sofia. You promote it, charge everyone a lev to get in, and then tell the owner of the cafe that you want a percentage of the profits for the night because you brought him extra business. At first, there was silence. Angel and Yanko started talking about how great the idea was. Then, one boy spoke up and pretty much trashed the idea. The others just sat there in silence. I have to go to a language lesson now. Ciao.

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