Friday, December 23, 2005

Весела Коледа!

"Vecela Koleda!" a.k.a Merry Christmas!
I've posted pictures again. Check out my Bulgarian album, part 2. I've included some winter pictures in there, pictures of my office, and pictures from a play I went to yesterday. Some kids from my organization put on a dramatization of "The Emperor's New Clothes." And then others got up and sang. It was fantastic! Today we were goofing off in the office, so I've also posted pictures of that. I took some great video of Reneta, Angel, and me dancing "kuchek," but I don't know how to share video with you. My apologies. By the by, I got my first package today: Candy from Grandma and Grandpa! Yay! See's Molasses Chips, Fudge, and Frosted Pecans. I'd brought in peanut-butter cookies earlier that morning, but they were gone all too soon and paled in comparison anyway. Mmmm.... My colleagues went crazy for them, and I know they love me more because of it. Hehe. Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa. I'm going to share them with my family when I go to Trud tomorrow. Happy Holidays, everyone! I hope you have a warm holiday wherever you celebrate.

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