Friday, November 11, 2005

Pounding out SOS's

Hey all,
I had to share with you what happened to me early this morning. I woke up thirsty around 4:30 a.m. Upon trying to exit my room, I found that my door was stuck. I had shoved it pretty hard last night because it doesn't close all the way, and I wanted to preserve as much heat as I could. Well, I started tugging for the next 12 minutes or so, but it wouldn't budge. My hands hurt, so I figured I'd look for my cell phone and call someone in a couple hours. I realized my cell phone was out in the living room. Smart. So I thought about climbing out the window, but I decided against it 'cause it was pretty dark... and freezing, but hey! gorgeous stars!! It's a good thing I didn't because it's higher than it looks. Of course my bladder decides that I have to pee. I waited until about 6:30 a.m. - and then I thought I heard my landlords moving around downstairs (I can sometimes hear Enyo snoring from my room! Hehe.) I looked outside again and realized that there was no way I was making it out the window, so I crouched down on my floor and started pounding out SOS's. I don't know if Bulgaria has SOS, but I figured it's universal. The Bulgarian alphabet doesn't even have an S, but Bulgarians know our latin alphabet. Besides, weird pounding coming from the upstairs portion of your house should give you a clue that something is wrong. I heard my landlords rustling around downstairs, and it sounded like they were coming, but no one showed up. I opened my window and started shouting Milka's name. After a couple minutes of that, I started pounding on my floor again. Well, finally they came and rescued me.
Then, this morning in the shower the water suddenly stopped for about 10 seconds. When it came on again, after scalding me, the water decided to go cold. Bleh. I wonder what the rest of the day has in store.... I ate some Honey Nut Cheerios with a banana this morning and had some sense of "normalcy." No soy milk here though (sniffle). Christi, if you read this, have a glass of chocolate Silk for me.
So that was my morning. Milka came in and said, "Oh, we thought something terrible had happened to you. Maybe you were sick, or maybe you drank too much last night and needed help." Do I seem like the type that would get wasted alone in her apartment? Maybe my landlady has that impression. I don't know why. And they took the handle off my door completely, so now there are holes where the heat can escape. That's a shame, 'cause I'm in the midst of a torrid love affair with my heater that's only going to intensify as the winter progresses.
I had to share that with you, 'cause I think it's hilarious, and I thought you might be amused as well. I could tell you about all the good times I'm having - how I went out for coffee last night with some people from my youth group and it was fun times, how I sit in my apartment and attempt to cook, how I look forward to little things like tea and cookies when I get home... but who wants to hear about that? That's not entertainment! So you just sit there and wait, and I'll see what other crazy hi-jinks (highjinx?) I can get myself into over here in Bulgaria.


Anonymous said...


Hey apes, if its 10am in california, what time is it in bulgaria?

David PCV Bulgaria said...

Wasted again on the Flirt, I see. Had to make up some crazy story about a "jammed door". I know the real story behind the madness.

Fuzzmaster said...

Does the heater have a name?