Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Okay, so you begged, you pleaded, you even threatened. Well, maybe you didn't do any of those things, but some people have been saying my blog needs more pictures. Well, my blog doesn't have many pictures, but there is a place you can go to see a bunch of pics (234 to be exact, so pace yourself) that are all out-of-order and topsy-turvy (it was proving too time-consuming to try and organize them), so you'll probably end up really confused. Ah, and something else you should know. You have to sign up for Snapfish to view them. I think it's a relatively harmless thing to do. I, for example, have been signed up with them for years and they've pretty much left me alone. It's only now that I've started using them and my account was still there... just hanging out. And now, for the link. Drumroll please... click here! and then click on the link on the above right if you don't have a Snapfish account. Again, I'm really sorry about the forced registration, but I think they're fairly harmless... maybe one unwanted e-mail you can unsubscribe from. And in a few seconds you can see a bunch of my photos... if you want... so no more complaining!
If you have problems, drop me an e-mail.

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Fuzzmaster said...

Excellent Pictures, it's enough to make one want to join up to this Foreign Leg... I mean Peace Corp. thing.