Sunday, October 23, 2005

Missed opportunities

Today has been the most beautiful day in a while. The sun was out most of the day, and it was warm and absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately, I was in my room most of the day - catching up on sleep. We got in at 6 am this morning. Villi, Nellie, Holly, Jennifer, Tim, and I went out to Plovdiv last night for a last Trud harrah before we move to permanent site. We also wanted to celebrate the completion of our youth project. Tim, Jennifer, Holly, and I were out at the park most of the day yesterday - painting playground equipment, benches, and a table, leveling the ground, picking up trash, hanging a tarzan rope and a tire-swing. The kids were such hard workers. It was amazing how much we got done in a day. A couple of technical trainers and a Peace Corps driver came out and instantly got to work. It was so awesome. I haven't done many projects like that before, and it was definitely rewarding. The kids were instantly playing on the swings and we had to remind them many times not to play on the recently painted equipment. Afterwards, they wanted us to stick around for a barbecue, but we had to politely decline.
Today, after finally getting out of bed, I've been roaming around Trud... saying good-bye in a way. I went to eat at "Station," read outside for a while in the sunshine, went to the school to wait for a boy who asked to play basketball (he was a no-show), meandered over to our "park" and found some of the kids playing there. I played there for a while. They always ask where Tim, Jennifer, and Holly are. The four of us are like a wild pack of roaming "dobrovoltsi" (volunteers), and if we don't come in fours, someone always asks where the others are - especially if we're with boys who idolize Tim. I noticed trash on the ground, and some of the paint on the playground equipment had already been scraped off, but it's still a gratifying place to be. When I left, one of the boys asked me why I was going. It's the little things that make me feel good. It's been nice having the others to lean on to make friends and interact with people. I think it's amazing what we've accomplished and the contacts we've made in our short time here. The chitalishte (cultural center) in Trud wants a volunteer, and I'm almost sure they would snatch up one of us if they could. I've talked to the people at the chitalishte, and they've hinted at it.
As for Halloween, which is coming up here shortly, Bulgaria doesn't celebrate the day, but the children are definitely intrigued by the festivities they've seen on TV. Kids here in Trud and also in my site of Rakitovo have expressed interest in finding some way to celebrate. Before our park project, we were thinking of doing a fall festival day - carving pumpkins, making cider, taking kids for hayrides, etc. Brandy (the TEFL volunteer in Rakitovo) has said that she'd be interested in doing something. I'd probably show up too late to really help her with anything, but it would be fun.... There's going to be a volunteer Halloween party here in country, but I can't bring myself to leave site the first weekend I'm there. Next year, people are talking about going to Romania to visit Dracula's castle. That would be interesting. So, does that answer the question John? That was for your sake. =) Thanks for your comments on the previous post.
I suppose that's it for now. I'd better get home soon and switch out the clothes in the washing machine. Oh, how exciting life is!


Fuzzmaster said...

Vaguely... Yes, well I assumed as much... No treats for you I'm afraid.

I must apologize, I don't go much for the blogging, in fact, yours is 1 of maybe 4 webpages (other than bills and including my email) that I semi-anually browse, so don't get too uptight if a month passes between posts. I don't even know if comments on old posts get read... So I could say anything I want, Muhahahahah!!!! and no one would be the wiser.

Lyrpa said...

I found this comment... so watch out!