Saturday, September 10, 2005

Meetings, meetings, and more meetings.

Our Youth Meeting went pretty well. We put on a mock dating game, and Tim dressed up like a woman. The Bulgarians seemed to get a kick out of that, but I think the whole cross-dressing thing is funny in all cultures. There were a lot of teenagers there. Holly and I went off with a few of the younger kids and tried to glean ideas from them about what they were into and what they'd like to see here in Trud. Tim and Jennifer talked to the teenagers, and I think it was a bit harder to get them to talk. It went well overall though. Half the battle was just getting people to show up.
We have some new piglets at the house. The HUGE hog they have gave birth. There's probably about 14 of them. They're soo cute... wriggling around and squealing. I went out last night to have a look at them, and my mom insisted I go pick rasberries with her. They were good.
Yesterday we went to Plovdiv to meet with a couple NGOs. We first went to a place that was implementing a variety of programs with teenage volunteers. It was inspiring to see youth give back to their community. Next we went to an orphanage and listened to a director who liked to talk a lot, but it was interesting to learn about the social programs for abandoned children here in Bulgaria. Most of those stories are so heartbreaking, and you wish the country would do more for them.
Today we had a meeting that covered the structure of the European Union, and the dynamics Bulgaria will add once it joins in 2007. The woman was extremely knowledgable and an excellent speaker. Unfortunately, I just don't have the attention span for economics. I'm not business-minded, and I just zoned out a lot - which is horrible because I'm sure that stuff was pretty interesting had I been in the right place. Well, I have the slides from it if I'd ever want to go back and review.
Afterward, a few trainees and I walked around Plovdiv a bit. There's a beautiful garden in the center of the city, and it was nice just to be there, drink some juice, and chat. Unfortunately, there was a celebration here in Trud at the same time. I came back and caught the tail end of it - basically a bunch of people dancing the "Hora." I said hello to my "baba (grandmother)" and she took me to the "sledkarnitza (sweets shop)" to get some cake. I thought that was really nice of her, and the cake was delicious.
In other news, my mailbox is dry?!??!??!! What is this madness??? I haven't checked my e-mail in three days, people. Surely SOMEONE has dropped me a line in this span of time - even if it's junk mail. Good gravy. Do you know the longing with which I look forward to contact from you all? Please, if you have my e-mail, send me a message. If not, leave me a post here... for the love of strawberries. Props to Liz for posting comments. Love ya, girl. The only other comment was from a spammer, and I hope they're shot horribly in the teeth. Feel the love from the Peace Corps.
Okay, moving on.... This week is going to be busier than I thought. As I mentioned in the last post, I have HUB in Pazardjik Monday and Tuesday. On Monday I find out my permanent site!!! AKA "The place where I will live for the next two years." This is huge, people. On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I will be in my permanent site (wherever that may be) and then I'll finally come back to Trud on Friday. This is big. I'm meeting my counterpart, other people in the village, the places I'll be working at over the next couple years. Considering all this build-up, I'm actually numb to the whole thing. I'm not excited. I'm not scared. I'm not really feeling anything at all. This is strange, so please feel these emotions for me. It would be appreciated.
K. I think I'm done. How are you all? Drop me a line and send some love to your Peace Corps trainee over here.


Anonymous said...

I promise I'll send you an email. But since life is so boring here (at my end anyways) I don't have much to tell. ANd your experiences are so interesting to read. I'm excited for you. But don't worry, I'll send you love and support by ways of email. I'll even send you a written letter. Keep trucking, APes!

Baums said...
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Baums said...

Hey Apryl! Bran told me to check out your site! Awesome! I got your letter last week and started tearing up. Miss you very much but glad to hear your doing well. You cut your hair daring girl. Nothing new here. Trying to get together a snail mail letter for you with new pics of the kids. Got a I write back to you with all the Bulgarian writing you wrote on my letter in your address? wow what fun. Hang in there, love ya much Christi