Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Festivals, evaluations, and haircuts.

My sister, Villi, cut my hair. I had watched her cut other people's hair before and had hinted that maybe she could cut mine. We were bored one day, so she did. There's probably not much of a noticible change to others, but she added some pretty drastic layers that I wasn't sure I liked at first, but now I'm happy with it. It was funny because she said she'd only cut a centimeter off, but she got carried away when I answered positively to the "Do you want layers like mine?" question. So that was an experience - letting someone you can't communicate with cut your hair.
We had our first self-evaluations with Peace Corps. At first, it was an uncomfortable experience. I felt like it was a "Now that you know a little about what it's like to live in Bulgaria, how are you going to succeed as a volunteer?" interview. That could just be my own impression, but I did feel very put-on-the-spot. It seemed to turn out well in the end though. I don't necessarily think that this is a deal-breaker or anything. I mean, I'm already in the country, and I think they'd like to keep me here. It was just slightly uncomfortable is all.
I was wrong about yesterday being Bulgarian Independence Day. I think it's more of a Bulgarian Unification Day. Apparently Bulgaria was in two separate pieces and reunited in 1885. We had a great time in Plovdiv - apparently where the actual unification took place. We joined a huge crowd at a gorgeous unification sculpture to watch the armed forces march around and play national hymns. We were waiting for a speaker, but decided to ditch out and find seats at the show that evening. We hiked up to Old Plovdiv and went to the old theater - think mini, Roman-type ampitheatre with beautiful columns overlooking the city. We had high seats, but could still see everything. The show consisted of "Riverdance"-type movements and a variety of gymnastics. It was amazing. Just the location was enough to make the experience great. Again, I wish I could share pictures. I apologize for my lameness.
The trainees are cooking dinner tonight at Holly's family's house. We debated on what to make for a long time yesterday and today, and we finally settled on pasta. We went to the outdoor market today to buy vegetables, and the people were anxious to give us extra food for free. Honestly, people are just that nice around here. We have more site placement interviews tomorrow, a meeting at the police station, and a coordinated youth meeting in the evening. Friday, we go to Plovdiv with the giant training group in order to visit some NGOs. On Saturday, we have a meeting in Plovdiv regarding EU funding. (As a side-note here, let me apologize to conservative Adventists who will be scandalized by the thought that I have to go to meetings on the Sabbath. I knew this was a likely possibility when I joined Peace Corps, and it does not bother me.) I don't think anything is going on Sunday, but we have to go to Pazardjik on Monday and Tuesday for HUB. It's going to be a busy few days. Not like it hasn't been busy all this time....

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Sounds like you are really settling in. Keep 'em coming, Apes!