Saturday, September 03, 2005

And the weather suddenly changes...

First, a caveat: I have heard a little about Hurricane Katrina and the crisis in New Orleans. I must admit, however, that I am very much ignorant about the situation that is currently facing our country. My prayers are with those who have been affected, and I know that my comments on the weather here will be quite trivial in comparison.
The weather has suddenly changed here quite dramatically. A couple days ago, we had a really hot day in which it suddenly stormed and rained twice. I can't remember ever having been in such fickle weather. It's suddenly turned cold, cloudy, and a bit rainy. I'm not quite ready for this. I've been enjoying the beautiful weather here, and I don't want it to go away. A few of you have asked about the time difference. I am 10 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time (California).
As I mentioned in the last post, we were going to have a partner meeting with some of the people who work with the youth in Trud. It went really well. People talked for at least a couple hours and shared their various ideas about what might improve the lives of youth here. They seemed to be comfortable sharing with us, and they responded nicely to our input as well. Several contacts were made/strengthened, and that's definitely a good thing. We have another meeting like it next week - only with the youth. I'm interested to see how that goes.
Yesterday, after class, our Peace Corps Resource Volunteer (PCRV - and I thought First Health was obsessed with acronyms!!) showed up and we talked about our meeting. She brought her husband along. They're great people, and their story is a fascinating one because they met at Staging (what I was doing in Washington D.C.) It didn't take them long to fall in love and get married. They've only been in Bulgaria for a year. They're a lot of fun. We went out to eat last night in Plovdiv, and we enjoyed sharing crazy stories, getting a bit of insight about PC Bulgaria, and talking about political and spiritual philosophies. I have developed a strategy here for truly being heard when I want to say something. I just keep quiet until I really have something I want to share - that I think is of value. People think I speak so rarely, they'll actually take the time to listen to me. It's great. Also, I've learned it makes people think you're intelligent.
Today has been fairly quiet. I was out late last night, so it's mostly been a day of recovery. The family is really considerate of me, and I cannot complain. I almost wish I could just to make this blog more interesting. No, that's not true. Villi is talking about going out to Plovdiv tonight. Tomorrow she says she'll take me out shopping - after we finish all my chores, that is. I'll take this moment to inform you all how breathtakingly beautiful Villi is. She's got a great personality on top of it, so you can't hate her for it either. I wish I could share pictures, but I just haven't figured out how to do that yet. And I haven't actually taken any either, but I have some she gave me of the two of us. But anyway, she reminds me of Cinderella.
Well, I think I've run out of ramblings so, as they say here in Bulgaria, "Ciao, ciao!"
P.S. If I don't get back to this blog before the 6th, I'd like to send my love to my Daddio - whose birthday will be on that day. By the way, it's Bulgarian Independence Day too! Should be some interesting partying going on in the area.

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Anonymous said...

Thank You Apryl! I'm really excited about my parents arriving on Friday - Fun, Fun. So good to hear that you're family is treating you well. Happy Independance Day! Love You, Daddio. Thanks for the blogs