Sunday, August 14, 2005

Staging accomplished!

Well, the first part of my Peace Corps experience has officially come to an end. After a couple days of meetings, we will be getting on an airplane tomorrow to go to Bulgaria. I have so many mixed emotions. We've been playing ice breaker/cultural learning games, and it's been pretty great. I'm stoked to be working with such passionate, fun, and adventurous people. We actually had a pow-wow at the end where we stood in a circle and expressed what we were feeling now that the staging has ended and we're actually on our way. I joked that I wanted to go back to Sacramento. Only a few people laughed. Most responded with gasps or stunned silence. Bad joke.
I could ramble on and on about the games, my fellow volunteers, and how excited I am about going to Bulgaria tomorrow, but I'll spare the readers of this blog. Ambivalence is my word of the day.
Side note: Saw the National Mall all from the outside - Washington Monument (actually visible from hotel window), Lincoln Memorial, WWII Memorial, Vietnam Veteran's Memorial, White House, various federal buildings. It was really too hot to stay out for long, but nice to see. Also nice to walk around with a friend from college who lives in D.C. I had no idea she was here. A happy surprise to say the least.

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Rebecca said...

isn't it odd seing friends we know in the oddest of places, I think it is God's way of lettng us know that he is watching over you, cause it would be a rare chance to run into people we know otherwise. Man sounds like a joke I would make, I am bad at those kind of judgements. keep smiling