Friday, August 12, 2005

Muggy evening in D.C.

So, it's only been a day, but here I am again with another update. After a long day of flying (Sac to Phoenix, Phoenix to D.C.), I am here in our nation's capitol. I have already decided that I've brought too much stuff. Kudos to my mom for helping me pack and not saying that I really was overdoing it, but I really was. I struggle with bags until the point of near-collapse until someone takes pity on me and comes over to help. And, I was over the weight limit (big surprise) so there goes extra money down the drain. I think a lot of people were over their limit though. We'll see.
Good-bye at the airport was a little teary. That's to be expected, considering the fact I might not see my mom and life in Sacramento for 27 months. Mostly alternated in and out of sleep on the planes. Washington D.C., although hazy, was gorgeous to fly into. I saw the National Mall from my window - Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Washington Monument, White House.... My taxi driver pointed out the Pentagon, Arlington Cemetery, and a few other sites to me.
Arrival at the hotel has been a relief. My roommate is nice. She was generous enough to share her pizza with me. We've been determined to get an internet connection all evening. Now I'm in what looks like the hotel basement, in a desperate attempt to hijack some wireless. I was going to try and go see some sites tonight, but now it just seems like a futile effort. It's already 9:45 here on the east coast.


Rebecca said...

Man, it would be cool if people could take photos of you in front of those monuments if you had time. That is the sucky thing about traviling alone. UNLESS your roomate is in the same boat and you take turns takting photos of each other. Hope you don't feel Jiped on your visit.

Lyrpa said...

Yeah, I did actually take a picture with a friend - we were standing at the Lincoln Memorial with the Washington Monument in the distance, but I just haven't had a chance to put it up here yet.