Saturday, August 27, 2005

I think I have fleas...

Yep. There's this cute little "cotka" (kitten) that lives outside the house. It has a gimp leg, and it's the sweetest thing ever. So, like an idiot, I was letting it climb all over me and ta-da! I think I have fleas. We were warned about this. In fact, there's this really cute little "cooche" (puppy) that hangs out at "Station." Jennifer (another trainee) and I really want to pet it, but we refuse because they told us about this at training. I never thought about the cats, and it serves me right. Bleh. I am willing to hear any suggestions on how to get rid of the infestation. The only alternative I can think of at the moment is calling my PCMO (Peace Corps Medical Officer) and having them send someone to bomb my room. That's not a happy plan. I'm wondering if I can survive here between tons of flea bites and mosquito (kumar) bites. Anyway, enough whining. Oh wait, one more thing to whine about... perpetual onion breath. They really like to put onions on the salad here, and I like onions, but it's a little overboard. And I have salad just about everyday. Between the fleas and the onion breath, I don't think you'll have to worry about me finding a Bulgarian and settling down over here, Mom.
Other than this, life is still fantastic. We went to Krichim with the kids from the cheer team/band yesterday. Krichim is another satellite site for trainees from our group, so we were able to run into some other PC trainees we hadn't seen in a week. That was nice. We were able to show off our kids. You cannot imagine how unbelievably cute they are. They were all wearing uniforms, and they did such an excellent job. The cutest little girl (the only girl in the band), Nellie, insisted that I sit by her on the bus, and I was thrilled. The other trainees here, Holly, Tim, and Jennifer, are so great with the kids. We had a really good time with them on the bus, laughing, singing, dancing, playing games. It was crazy on that bus, and we loved every minute of it. Unfortunately, I left the camera at home, but Jennifer got some good shots, and I'm hoping to steal some from her.
This morning my family let me sleep in. I got up, had some breakfast with them - which was like fried donut holes with sugar and jam - and then they insisted I go back to my room and relax. They spoil me here. I wash a few dishes every once in a while, but I really don't have any other responsibilities around the house. I'm honestly hoping that changes soon, 'cause I will have to learn how to live on my own in Bulgaria, plus I want to help out my family and learn how to cook some of the amazing dishes they give me. I mean, if I could make my own fried donut holes, I'd be set! After my "break" from the terribly hard work of eating breakfast, we went to a town called "Sishmansee" to spend time with their family. I couldn't really interact with the rest of the family, but I like hanging out with Nellie and Villi. We went into town to get some sodas and visit their local version of a mini-carnival. Villi won a necklace for me, which I immediately broke and I felt terribly, but it only cost a lev (about 80 cents), so she told me not to feel too bad. Communication is still a struggle, but it's getting better. They're patient with me, and that's good. I'd better get going. I think Villi and I might be going out for ice cream. Ciao! Ah, side note: My mom calls me her "second daughter." Success!!!


Krissy said...

I dont mind if animals have fleas, I just love animals, especially little kittens. They are just the sweetest little things :)

Anonymous said...

Apes! Don't touch anymore kitties, no matter how cute. Maybe a good vaccuming and a washing of the sheets might help. Drink pleanty of Fanta in my honor and don't forget the water from the Danube.

Frankie said...


That must be rather hideous! I believe there is some sort of bath you might take in something that would help abate the flea infestation on your person... But, I'm not totally sure of that. The health officer might know. And the flea bomb sounds like a marvelous idea for your room... what else can you do???

It sounds like you're having an amazing time! I'm so jealous!!! I'll keep you in my prayers Lyrpa! :)

Anonymous said...

Fleas aren't so bad, Really! You could name them and train them to do cool stuff like inject truth serums and stuff!

Having plenty of experience with fleas (don't ask why) here's what you need to do:

Most important (and probably not possible for you to do) Vaccuum, do it several times a day, every surface you can. Furniture, floors, etc.

Change and wash your sheets and clothes regularly. Take this opportunity to vaccuum your mattress as well. Be sure to empty the bag regularly.

Eat a lot of garlic - the little vamps hate that... ok, this last one probably won't help, but it could help with the onion breath.

Don't worry, I'm sure there are a few bulgarian studs out there who love onion and garlic breath.

- J (aka Fuzzy)

Anonymous said...

PS. What's the deal with Maggie GaleHouse? You know you can delete posts, right? It's lame that spammer's have so much free time.

Rebecca said...

sweet, you are living in the sticks! Like my husband said are the best ways to rid of them .
Miss you, We are all praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Can you get fleas from blogs? ....cause I really don't want fleas! Already living with cockroaches, ants, milipedes, mongoose (mongeese?), geckos, etc, etc. Oh well - life in a tent... paradise!

Vitamin B - lots-o'-B

You sound happy, which makes me smile. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Good luck and all the best from a Bulgarian living in the US. I am just a little jealous -- for the tasty homemade food, fruits, etc. you get to eat and the nice people you meet at my home country. Hope you will enjoy the rest of your stay. Plamena, f36